Create your innovator profile and become part of a global network.


Innovator Profile

Every user on PITCHRY starts with an innovator profile. A personal social profile that enables users to communicate, connect and read or write posts within the network.
Sharing articles, leaving comments on posts and following other innovators is key to a thriving community.

Add additional profiles to your account and get access to specific features to optimally support your role within the ecosystem.

Startup Profile

PITCHRY is your tool to accelerate growth and business development. Expand your network globally and collaborate with other innovators.
If you are looking for funding, create your own interactive digital pitch deck and we will present it to the best matching investors.
Get matched with request for proposals from corporates and help them implement their innovation projects.
Find experts that can help you in fields that you can not currently cover or even find your next talent on PITCHRY.

Corporate Profile

Create requests for proposal and publish them to the community to reach a huge audience of innovators. We promote the request, you pick the best matching applicants for your project.
Search and screen for startups if you are looking for cooperation partners or get matched with investment possibilities by our AI.
Pitch your company to young talents and recruit your next team member.

Young Talent Profile

For young talents who want to enter the world of startups and innovations PITCHRY is the perfect platform to get started.
Get in contact with founders and personalities and establish a solid network to help you gain traction within the innovation ecosystem.
Find a personal mentor who will coach and share knowledge with you.

Create your own young talent pitch video and get noticed by founders and corporates for the chance to get hired into the world of innovation.

Mentor Profile

Share your knowledge and experience with others by creating a mentor profile.
Define how many “students” you want to mentor at a time and how much time you can invest.
Coach young talent or startups on their journey to becoming the next big fish.
Take part in our moderated online q&a sessions where you answer questions via live stream in realtime or create a MASTERCLASS video about your area of expertise.

Expert Profile

Create your expert profile and offer your services to the innovation network.
You can search current project offers and get matched with corporates or startups to help them implement their innovation projects.
Get your 5-star ratings after completion and get recommended to others. Build up your reputation and climb the ranks of a PITCHRY expert to get even more attention.

Investor Profile

Present your company within the network and define your investment preferences.
Save time while scouting and let our AI 
match you with possible candidates that meet your criteria.
Use our digital interactive pitch decks to evaluate their business ideas in a fresh new way wherever you are and whenever you want to. Ask your questions directly within the correct context of the pitch by using the provided features.


The launch of the network is planned for late 2019 / early 2020.
You can pre-register today so we can keep you up to date.